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Does the Popsicle brand have Allergens?

It is the Popsicle brands policy that when any of the 8 most common allegens occur in any of our products that they be listed inside the ingredients statement in plain language.

Philly Swirls

Did you know that a Philly Swirl Stick is only 48 calories?  These popsicles are a refreshing treat on a hot day.

They are manufactured in a peanut free facility and free of all tree nuts except coconut. The facility does not contain any of the top 8 allergen ingredients and are a super low calorie treat. 

They are gluten free, peanut free, dairy free and contain no high fructose corn syrup.  

Its easy to say yes to a Philly Swirl!

    Is Sugar Free actually Sugar Free?


According to the FDA, a food is considered sugar free if it contains less than .5 grams of sugar per serving.  

What's more, sugar free includes naturally occurring and added sugars but doesn't include artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols.  Sweeteners include Glycerin - also called glycerine or glycerol and Aspartame which is 200xs sweeter than sugar. 

Outshine Fruit Bars

Outshine Bars: We always label the 8 major food allergens, including nuts, on our packages by their common names.  If an allergen does not appear in the ingredient statement, then it has not been added to the product.  They are vegan certified and made with real fruit and juice. There are GMO free options and all Outshine frozen fruit bars are Kosher OV-D certified as marked on the packages.  They contain at least 10% of your daily value of Vitamin C.  The bars contain no artificial colors or flavors and not high fructose corn syrup and best of all they are fat free! (except the Creamy Coconut.  

Oat Milk

What is it?  Oat Milk is a non-dairy, vegan milk alternative made from oats. It is an oat and water blend and then strained to create a creamy liquid. It is absolutely delicious!


Oat Milk consists of a super creamy texture and taste. It is better for the environment because it requires less water and herbicides to make than other non dairy milk. The base of Oak Milk allows the underlying flavor of the other ingredients to come through and it is gluten free!

Chloe’s Fruit Bars

All Chloe’s pops are dairy free, gluten free, vegan and Kosher certified. Cane sugar is added to give them their creamy texture. Without it, they would be extremely hard to bite. They melt slowly because of the high fruit content.

So Delicious Frozen Desserts

These delicious pops are dairy free, certified vegan (contains no animal products or by-products), gluten free, and non GMO.

The natural flavors can contain flavoring derived from the following ingredients: spice, fruit/fruit juice, vegetable/vegetable juice, edible yeast, herb bark, bud root, leaf or similar plant material. The natural flavors also do not contain ingredients derived from the “Big 8” allergens.

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